Because things are different

when every child feels like your child


We are a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to providing educational opportunties to at-risk children in developing countries.

We believe in the power of education. Our purpose is to provide educational opportunities for at-risk children in developing countries. We also believe in the importance of supporting local endeavors. We work with local partners to enhance their educational efforts. Finally, we believe in the power of a human touch. Our work is built on relationships. 

Our team consists of folks who are passionate about making a difference and who are looking for ways to apply their skills to help those in need. Sound like you? We’d love to have you involved!



— Infrastructure

It’s pretty tough to focus on your studies when your school doesn’t have an adequate roof. We work with local educational partners to identify infrastructure needs and help fill them. 


— Materials and Curriculum

Books matter! So do pens and paper. We purchase school supplies in the local market and help provide children with the materials they need to be successful at school. 


— Consulting

We’ve met wonderful educators who struggle to achieve financial sustainability in their schools. We leverage our skills in entrepreneurship and business to provide pro bono consulting for our partners. 


— Student Scholarships

Finding a quality education in dangerous neighborhoods can mean looking at local private schools. We work with our educational partners to provide scholarships for at-risk children.


Paciente Una is off the beaten track. 

To get to Paciente Una, you turn left off of the highway between Leon and Chinandega towards Quetzalguaque. Then, take a sharp right onto a dirt path between two small brick houses with tin roofs. Wander past the peanut fields, dodge the pigs, hop the streams, and you’ll eventually come to a cluster of small houses and a small school. Unfortunately, the school didn’t have space for the preschoolers. That’s where we got involved.c
In discussing the community needs, we found that the closest preschool was several kilometers away. We coordinated with officials from the ministry of education, and they agreed to provide a teacher if we would provide the infrastructure.
We worked with local architects and contractors and provided the materials. The community contributed labor and together we built a new school room for the preschoolers. A win for access to education!

Jose said goodbye to his dad one morning. Then he heard fireworks outside his house.

He tied his shoes and walked outside. His father bled to death in front of him, shot in the chest multiple times. Jose never found out why his father became one more victim in the endless gang violence. But he did find love and support in a school that took him in.
Berly read about Jose in the local paper. She saw that this had happened in the neighborhood where her school was located – an all too common occurrence. Knowing that Jose’s family would be facing not only tragedy, but likely economic hardship after losing their father, Berly approached Jose’s mother about giving him a scholarship so that he could continue his studies. Jose became deeply involved in Liceo Cumorah. Becoming a member of the marching band was especially important for Jose, as it gave him a new sense of purpose and a strong group of friends. We have supported Liceo Cumorah through the provision of scholarships, materials and infrastructure – so that they can continue to support kids like Jose every day.